Quantum Buddha
illustration by greg sugden
Buddha amid the wave pattern generated by the double slit experiment.

The mysteries of Quantum Mechanics can be gleaned from a single famous experiment.

It's called the Double Slit Experiment.

The results are disturbing, awe-inspring and mysterious but the experiment itself is quite simple. A Nobel prize awaits the person who can explain the results of this experiment.

The methodology takes a little explaining but a good animated description of the double slit experiment can be viewed at Doctor Quantum:

http://www.wimp.com/drquantum/  (5min 4sec)

The key point is made at 4min 15sec

The Double Slit experiment shows that at the subatomic scale, what we call reality does not exist without the observer or mind that is witnessing it.

The experiment shows that without an observer, or consciousness, reality does not exist as solid protons, neutrons and electrons. It exists instead as a non-material entity that we define as a wave of probability - a wave function.

Quantum physicists stumbled upon what Buddhists have been saying for over 2,000 years - that reality is the projection of the mind.

"The mind is everything"  Buddha.